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Open Office


Cindy Mattingly, (270) 863-2010, email.

Director of Coaching

Matt Pollock, (270) 668-7067, email. Contact Matt if you have questions about coaching, drills and rules.

Director of Referees

Keith Robinson, (270) 668-2692, email. Contact Keith if there is a problem with referees and schedules of referees.

U-4 Commissioner

Michelle Funk, (502) 417-4668, email.

U-6 Commissioner

Lacey Buchanan, (502) 551-9436, email.

U-8 Commissioner

Ronnie Gorney, (812) 267-3569, email.


Vice President

Jessica McGaughey, (270) 761-5886, email. Contact Jessica if you have questions or concerns about field preparation or if you would be willing to help with field maintenance.


Kayla Link, (937) 219-8239, email. Contact Kayla if you have questions about game schedules or if you with another league wanting to discuss scheduling.


Tara Poole, (270) 945-5717, email. Contact Tara if you have any questions about team rosters.

U-10 Commissioner

Open Office

U-12 Commissioner

Open Office

U-14 Commissioner

Open Office

Director of Concessions

Open Office

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